New Scandinavian Cooking

A combined cooking show and travelogue.

As the series is set mainly in Scandinavia, our hosts Andreas Viestad, Niklas Ekstedt, Claus Meyer, Tina Nordström, Sara La Fountain and Ida Gran-Jansen showcase food and culture of northern Europe.

All hosts are inspirational chefs and passionate storytellers, fusing history, nature, and cooking – seeking out the origins of the food and taking the mobile kitchen with them wherever they travel. All the cooking happens outdoors.

In each episode, our world famous chefs present enticing cooking with local Nordic produce, from the rich agricultural farmlands or fresh fish from the sea to wild game from the vast forests of Scandinavia.

The show has been developed in collaboration with various partners related to food and tourism. We are always looking for good stories and exciting destinations. A collaboration with us provides unique opportunities for marketing your products or tourist destinations. We offer a comprehensive package including product placement, TV advertising, and social media productions. We make sure people hear and see your story. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

  • Seasons 15
  • Language Engelsk

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